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isabeldelaroche in garb_the_child

Toddler doublet and hose, one year later

The doublet and hose did still fit, as my son is a slim little fellow.

Basically the doublet overlaps the breeches less, but it's still a good look.

I had also made a linen shirt with grown on collar, and threw some machine blackwork on it. The sleeves are the main item that no longer fitted but could still be tossed on as a tied accessory.

He is much more curious about how the outfit works now!

However, he's not keen on being part of a portrait gallery!


Well, it was mat leave time, for what that's worth. (Excellent while baby sleeping, useless the rest of the time- unless you have a sitter!)

Shirt- 4 hours ( hour hour patterning, 1 hour machine embroidery, 2 hours construction and finishing
Doublet- 8 hours ( 1 patterning, 4 hours construction, 2 hours tabs, 1 hour hand sewing on buttons and large snaps, and rings to lace in the sleeves)
Sleeves- 2 hours ( 1 hr patterning, 1 hour bag-out construction including machine sewing the piping and sleeve head ribbons)
Breeches- 4 hours

I did a hat too, which only took about 2 hours. I deliberately didn't line in though, and then recut the interior snips before each wearing- baby heads grow constantly!

I also did a pair of bibs out of a black hand towel and a stiff plastic bag and some velcro- he was teething in a really drooly fashion and I thought the modern bibs would look far too out of place.

Add shopping for tudor looking shoes in vintage/thrift stores and babylegs, and you are up to about 20 hours. Lookign at the old pictures I began it when my baby was about 8 months old, he wore it when 10 months old up until he was 2 and a quarter.

A good time investment I thought. I Had a moses basket for him, which I padded with a sheepskin and packed only wooden teething toys to complete the effect.