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Historical Costuming for Children
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A place to share all resources for costuming children pre-1600 (with generous allowance for the admiration of later historical children's clothes).

-not limited to SCA, any and all welcome

-be kind, recognize that no matter how much we strive for authenticity, there are limits to folks' capabilities and resources

-kudos for primary source materials (paintings, illuminations, extant materials)

-please do not link to images of other people's children, posted here, without permission

-please ALWAYS credit each other's research and patterns. respect copyright.

-links to sources for quality bought/sold garb encouraged, rampant advertising or repeated posts to ebay or other sales forums will be deleted

-we advise that when posting pictures of your own children, you may want the post be "friends only" for privacy.

-this is not the place for flame wars about parenting techniques, we acknowledge that everyone is different.

-discussion of parenting, activities, etc better suited to other communities.

-put images of nudity (active breastfeeding, underwear, children) behind a cut at least, "friends only" would be better, just for politeness, everyone has different levels of tolerance.

-If you are cross posting, please say the communities you are cross posting to.

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